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Under whichever guise they come, HM Revenue & Customs is committed to devoting increasing resources to investigation work. If you or one of your clients is selected for an enquiry by HMRC, the expert and reliable help that Kidderminster Tax Advice can offer may reduce any final tax bill and make the experience less stressful than it would otherwise have been.


It is becoming increasingly common for HMRC to review a business' direct tax (Income Tax or Company Tax) affairs, VAT affairs and PAYE / National Insurance procedures within one umbrella investigation. For that reason it is important for the trader to be satisfied that his adviser has the knowledge and time to handle these cross tax investigations, and for accountants to be prepared to seek the expert advice and support provided by specialist consultancies such as Kidderminster Tax Advice.


We are also happy to explain how particular tax legislation operates and to provide you with an opinion about your tax arrangements or problems.  We can also apply our extensive knowledge of HMRC procedures and practices to explain how HMRC may react to those arrangements or problems.


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