Here at Kidderminster Tax Advice we offer a variety of services designed to assist accountants both with their day to day work and with the more unusual and less commonplace tasks.


We issue regular updates on current tax issues and on technical points. The purpose of the updates is to inform and, hopefully, to enable advisers to provide a better service to their clients.


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Kidderminster Tax Advice also provides Support Contracts for accountants, enabling them to access support and specialist advice in the event of HMRC carrying out any of the following in respect of their clients:


•Full or aspect tax enquiries

•PAYE / NIC investigations

•VAT disputes

•IR35 disputes

•Business Record Checks


Subscribing accountants also gain access to informal telephone support and technical advice on issues of doubt or concern to them.


Any fees that are unused at the end of the period covered by the Contract are carried forward to the following period, provided the Contract is renewed.


Support Contracts offer an attractive and cost effective addition to, or alternative to, Fee Protection Insurance.”


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