Traders can be quite legitimately unsure whether to treat a worker as an employee or self-employed subcontractor. There are tax advantages in following the self-employed treatment, not least in reducing National Insurance liabilities. However, it is not a simple matter of choice whether someone is employed or self-employed and HMRC is keen to establish whether workers who have classed themselves as self-employed are not in fact employees.

Employment status arguments are generally decided on the facts of each case and Kidderminster Tax Advice is happy to give traders, individuals and accountants an expert view of their particular situation.

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If you have any employment benefits issues or queries, Kidderminster Tax Advice are happy to advise on specific issues. We understand that employee benefits as a whole is very broad and can be confusing for employees and employers alike. The tax consequences of miscalculating those benefits can be costly to both. Because of this, if you are an employer we offer a review of your procedures as part of a Health Check to ensure you are getting things right.

In need of Employment Status Query advice?

Employed or self-employed? Here's a useful link to help you understand how employment status is defined.

PAYE & National Insurance Investigations advice

Accountants sometimes leave the employer to handle HMRC’s PAYE visits. But at Kidderminster Tax Advice we believe this is a potentially dangerous error as such visits should be treated with the same degree of caution as any other HMRC investigation.

For that reason, we offer help and advice on PAYE and National Insurance Investigations. Call us today for a free consultation.

Health Checks

Kidderminster Tax Advice can review your record keeping processes or PAYE / NIC procedures to identify any actual or potential shortcomings in them and to advise on what steps should be taken to put matters right.


Having a health check with us can leave you much better off in the long run, as you will save money and time if you get investigated by the HMRC in the future. For your tax Health Check, call us now to organise a meeting with us.


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